The services of the SAFVCA cover a wide spectrum of products. These range from canned fruit and vegetables to concentrates, juices, jams and sauces. Products are packaged in conventional metal cans, glass jars, plastic containers, laminated pouches and barrels for bulk usage. They are packed in syrup, fruit juice, nectar and jelly. Vegetables are packed in brine and vinegar.


Although a large percentage of Southern Africa is arid land, it is blessed with an assortment of excellent agricultural growing regions.  The ideal area for deciduous fruit is the winter rainfall areas of the Western Cape, pineapples flourish in the Eastern Cape and Swaziland.  Vegetables are grown and processed throughout the country.

Type Fruit Filling Mediums Net weight
Deciduous fruit : Apricots Syrup, Nectar, Juice 225g, 410g, 825g, 3,06kg, 4,5kg
  Fruit Cocktail  
  Fruit Salad  
Pulps / Purees Apple   20kg, 230kg
Subtropical Fruit Guavas   410g, 825g, 3,06kg
  Pineapple   235/240g, 425/440g, 570g, 822/840g, 1250g, 3,06kg
Citrus Fruit Grapefruit segments   220g, 285g, 411g, 540g, 1250g, 3060kg
  Orange segments  
Jams/ Marmalades / Spreads Apricot   225g, 325g, 450g, 900g, 3,75kg, 12,5kg, 25kg
  Mixed Fruit  
  Seville Orange Marmalade  
  Sweet Orange Marmalade  
  Lime Marmalade  
  Peanut Butter   270g, 410g, 810g


Vegetables for canning are grown in most parts of the country. However, particular crops receive more focused attention in certain areas. For example, green peas are mainly grown at the Loskop irrigation scheme and Stoffberg area on the Eastern Highveld, green beans are grown at Marble Hall and Groblersdal and asparagus are grown at Ficksburg in the Eastern Free State.
Carrots are grown at Loskop during winter production and at the cooler Tarlton area for the summer period. The relative long sweet corn season starts early summer in Loskop, mid summer at various areas on the High veld and returning late summer back to Loskop irrigation scheme.
Beetroot are grown and processed both in the summer rainfall area and in the Western Cape. The beetroot in the summer rainfall area are mainly produced at Loskop in the main winter season and out of season on the Highveld at various areas like Stoffberg, Tarlton and Villiers. This is sold in glass containers. The beetroot in the Western Cape is grown near Bonnieval and is sold in doy packs.

All cucumbers for canning and that in glass are produced near Marble Hall in an early and a late summer production season.
Small white canning beans are mainly grown in Mpumalanga, North West and parts of the Limpopo Provinces. The main primary processors of these beans are also situated in these provinces. Large white kidney beans are more climatic specific and are mainly grown at Ermelo.
Tomatoes for both canning and production of tomato paste are produced mainly in Limpopo for winter harvest seasons and the Western Cape for the summer seasons.

Type Fruit Filling Mediums Net weight
Canned / Bottled : beans Brine, Water, Sauce, Cream-style 215/225g, 410/420g, 2,95/3kg
  Green Beans  
  Mixed Vegetables  
  Spagetti in Tomato Sauce  
  Whole Kernel Corn  
  Asparagus   290g, 430g, 3kg
Tomato Products : Tomatoes   225g, 410g, 3kg
  Tomato & Onion Mix  
  Tomato Paste   50g, 65g, 115g, 225g, 410g, 2,95/3kg
  Tomato Sauce   375ml, 750ml, 4,5L
  Chakalaka   410/420g
Other : Pickles and Condiments   130g, 375g, 750g, 800g, 2,95kg, 3,1kg


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