The mission of the South African Fruit & Vegetable canners' Export Council is to manage, promote and protect the export interests of the SA fruit and vegetable canning industry.

Key Objective

The key objective of the South African Fruit & Vegetable canners' Export Council is to protect and maintain the existing export industry and from this sustainable platform generate future export growth through the:

  • Improvement of our competitiveness and profitability
  • Development of new products and markets
  • Improvement of market access
  • Implementation of on-going promotional and marketing activity


The sector covers products for export which are canned, preserved or otherwise processed from fruit, vegetables, tomatoes and other related agricultural products. The three main industry sectors are:

Deciduous Fruit: Based in the Western Cape
Includes products such as canned fruit, fruit in plastic cups, fruit purees, fruit concentrates and jams manufactured from the same raw material base.

Pineapples: Based in the Eastern Cape
Includes products such as canned pineapples, pineapple purees and concentrates.

Tomatoes & Vegetables: Based in various parts of the Country
Includes products such as canned/bottled vegetables, tomatoes, pulps, purees, pastes, sauces, spreads and condiments.

Highest Quality Raw Materials
Raw materials are sourced from around 1,500 farms and about 600,000 tons of fresh fruit, tomatoes and vegetables are processed annually to produce goods with a market value of more than ZAR 5.0 billion.

These products are renowned for their high standards and are manufactured in production facilities that have adopted world class manufacturing practices in full compliance with both product quality and food safety certifications. Coupled with this, the natural attributes of the South African raw materials, namely colour, texture and taste, rank these products as some of the best in the world.

Members of SAFVCEC directly employ close to 12,000 employees.

Our members are committed to transformation through initiatives such as training, skills development, employment equity and community projects.

Approximately 85% of the industry’s canned and aseptic deciduous fruit products - namely peaches, apricots, pears, fruit cocktail and pineapples - are destined for export markets in Europe, Far East, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa.

The Export Council coordinates the following activities of its members:

  • Liaising with and assisting the Department of Trade & Industry and the Department of Agriculture in matters relating to international trade such as market access, tariffs and non-tariff barriers;
  • Facilitating members’ participation and/or representing members at selected international trade fairs and trade missions;
  • Representing and serving the interests of its members on various forums relating to export and international trade matters;
  • Addressing technical matters concerning exports such as product quality, food safety, regulations relating to packing, labeling and grading of canned fruit and vegetable products, can/tin plate specifications, etc;
  • Coordinating export studies and market related research
  • Providing an administration service in respect of industry/export related initiatives







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